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4 Simple Tips to Instantly Improve Your PC Performance

Unleash the Power of Your PC

Computer Running Slow? Here is how to get it back into shape with a couple of clicks.

Waiting for that website to load can be agonizing. Every second that goes by seems like an eternity. But before you pick up the phone and call tech support, try these some simple steps you can do to help speed things up.

The first thing would be to disable startup programs

Especially those that you do not use all the time or every day. Just go to the Task Manager (go to the taskbar, right-click, then select the Task Manager or you can just Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and click on the Startup tab to show the list of programs. Disable the ones that you do not absolutely have to have when you log in.

Background Applications

Your computer may also have applications or programs that take up a lot of CPU resources that you don’t even know are running.

To look at the running applications and the resources they are using, go to the Task Manager again (taskbar, right-click, then select the Task Manager or Ctrl+Shift+Esc), and sort by CPU, Memory or Disk.

You can compare how much each program is using. If you see that one application is using far more than others, go out of the Task Manager and go to that program and manually close it.

In the Task Manager, you may see a program that you do not recognize. If that’s the case, you need to right-click on it, then click End Task to force it to close. Sometimes applications or programs sneak it through downloads that we do, without us even knowing.

Here are a couple more power tips on task manager:

Take a look at your system tray

There are also programs that run in the background that launch when we start up. These are known as System Tray Programs. Many of these you can close because they drain resources, causing your computer to be slow, primarily if you don’t use these programs all the time.

All you need to do is click the up arrow that is located on the bottom corner of the screen, just to the left of the date and time. This lists all the programs in the system tray.

Simply right-click on the ones you do not need open all the time and close them. That should free up some more resources.

Turn off the pretty stuff

Another way to gain some speed is to reduce some animation. From the color schemes to visual effects and screensavers, resources get used here and can slow your work down. Here’s what you do.

Again, go to your taskbar, and click on System. From there, click on Advanced System Settings on the left side, then find the Performance section and click on Settings.

It will open directly to the Visual Effects tab. Here, you can lessen the load and disable any animation that you feel you can live without. It should free up some more resources and add some speed.

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Uninstall apps you don’t use

Finally, one of the best ways to free up resources is to free up programs. Merely uninstall programs that you don’t use or haven’t used in a long time.

Even those games that you still want to play but haven’t (even though your kids do). Go to the taskbar and click on the Control Panel. Scroll through to find and click on Programs.

Here it will list all of the programs installed on your computer. Just right-click on a program that you want to uninstall. The uninstall button will appear, you click it, and it will uninstall. Just make sure you don’t uninstall programs accidentally that you do need; that will cause a whole other set of problems.

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Office 2016

Here’s How MS Office 2016 Takes Care of Small Businesses

Microsoft Office 2016 is significantly better compared to its predecessor in many ways. Especially, when it comes to taking care of the needs of small businesses, the new software seems to have a knack.

Here, we briefly consider in what ways Microsoft Office 2016 makes the life of small business owners, as well as their employees, less stressful.

Data analysis made easier

In Microsoft Office 2016, Excel is tightly integrated with the cloud-based business intelligence software Power BI. In addition to crafting dashboards that are personalized, small business owners can generate useful interactive reports with the help of Power BI. Also, they can analyze data by uploading the same to could service like QuickBooks and Google Analytics. To help small business owners track their progress and notice any lag, Power BI can be accessed using apps suitable for Android, iOS, as well as Windows. Storage of 1GB, with a refresh rate of once per day, is provided free of cost. In case a business requires more than that, the Pro plan can be purchased by paying $9.99 every month against each user.

Real-time collaboration now possible

Almost every software claims to offer great ‘collaboration’ these days. Unfortunately, that proves to be just a claim in most cases, and nothing more. A survey by iFeeltech IT support company operating in Miami FL concluded that in the majority of instances, coworkers need to go through a lot of hassle to work simultaneously with a single presentation or office document even when they use latest solutions. However, Microsoft Office 2016 truly shows what the term ‘collaboration’ should mean. Working closely with Office 365, it saves and synchronizes any changes made to a PowerPoint, OneNote or Word file across all devices and users. In other words, it offers true real-time collaboration.

Cloud security enhanced

It is not just customer databases or financial systems that contain valuable data and attract hackers. Nowadays, many mobile devices and cloud-based services contain a lot of sensitive data, too. Microsoft Office 2016 employs measures to make data safe across all kinds of devices. It lets small business owners secure their data using not just password, but also biometric authentication. To prevent data loss and enhance protection, the new version of MS Office makes use of multifactor authentication. It makes unauthorized copying or pasting of sensitive data pretty much impossible.

Although we have only taken into account the advantages ensured to small businesses by MS Office 2016, and the new software offers many good things to individuals and large corporations, too.