In life, the best of us have some deep passion that burns. My passion is creating stunning 3D animations, models and videos. I also love to assemble computers that can run even the most rigorous 3D tools smoothly. And with the help of this website, I aspire to help and inspire others to embrace 3D arts for all its glory.

This website has mainly the following goals:

Making the readers excited about 3D

Most people recognize a brilliant 3D picture or animation scene. But that does not make them a genius programmer. Watching a 3D movie and enjoying it is a whole different story than making actual 3D models by sitting in front of the computer for hours, days, or weeks. Anyone can watch the finished product and laugh, smile, cry or criticize. But it takes someone truly exceptional and focused to create 3D. Not everyone is fit for the job. With the articles posted on this site, I try to motivate those who are truly built for making amazing 3D visuals.

Spreading knowledge about various 3D programs

The world of 3D is rarely stable. A program that was selling like a hot cake a year ago will most probably not even be talked about after a few years. Still, there are some programs that have the potential to last for many decades to come. Blender is one such program, and it is the potential and usefulness of Blender that make me excited about it so much. If you notice, many of my posts deal with Blender in some way or other, and that is only because I truly love the program. Whatever that may be, the point is, it is the ups and downs of the industry that make it truly exciting and challenging. And in this website, I try to keep people informed about all things 3D. That includes attempting to teach whatever I know about different 3D makers and toolsets.

Keeping track of the 3D industry

No matter from which angle you analyze this industry, it does not fail to faze you. 3D had a glorious past, and the future seems exceptionally promising. The coming days are going to be larger than life for this industry, and that is beyond certain. Some of my posts, therefore, also take into account some of the less talked about parts of the industry, like its past glories and future promises.

Hope you enjoy this site!